Less baggage for your climbing holidays...

Rent Climbing Equipment

Climbing gear (prices by day):

Rope. + rope bag.    10€

Quick draw x10 + carabiner + belaying device + sling.    10€

Helmet.    1€

Harnest.    3€

Climbing Shoes.    3€

Chalk bag.    1€

*Tent.    Donation

*Skateboard / Longboard.    Donation

*Slackline.    Donation

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Rent Boulder Equipment

Boulder gear:

Crash Pad + Boulder chalk bag + Boulder brush.    

5€ / day   or if you like,  21€ / 7 days


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Rent Climbing and Boulder topo guides

Full Tenerife Sport Climbing topo guide.    1€/day

Arico Boulder topo guide, made by the AllYearClimbing Team.    1€/day or buy for 12€


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