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Meet Walter Goller go training and learn correct real climbing. Specialized in sport climbing and boulder, 25 years experience co-founder of El Ocho climbing school Rasclat basecamp in Arico.

Climbing partner of several world climbing legends, like Reinhold Scherer, Gerhard Hörhager, Jonas Winter, Steve Mcclure, Frank Kretschmann and many others … He start the climbing in Innsbruck 1991 and was trained by Reinhold Scherer, during his first years like a climbing trainer, now he is director of K.I. the biggest climbing center worldwide in I.B.K.

Personal motivation of Walter Goller is to spread the knowledge of correct and safe climbing. Sharing this informations will make the experience of climbing less dangerous and more enjoyable. He speaks english, german and spanish perfectly and so it will be a more clear and safer experience for you.

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Discover Tenerife


Welcome to Tenerife!

Tenerife is a little island, typically Canarian with its old and authentic atmosphere, submerging of all kind of sport´s opportunities. This lovely island is definitely a must to see during your vacations in the Atlantic ocean. It also has the perfect environment to do some climbing, mountain biking, downhill skating, hiking, trail running and plenty more.

Whenever you feel like a dip in the ocean, you can quickly and easily go down to the nearest beach and go ahead for some surf, kite surfing, and even wind surfing sessions if you are feeling adventurous!

TENERIFE has everything needed for an active vacation and offers a various selection of: accommodation, bars, restaurants, climbing shop and more to surprise you.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”
— Robert Urich

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